Executive Council Investment Committee


Executive Council By-Laws Article VIII Sec. 4

Joint Committees Created by the Executive Council

(a) Duties

i. There shall be a Joint Investment Committee whose charter shall be adopted by the Council.

ii. The Joint Investment Committee’s charter shall be reviewed annually by the Joint Investment Committee and the Council and renewed annually by the Council.

(b) Membership and Term

i. The Investment Committee shall consist of the Treasurer of the Council, along with at least six, but no more than nine additional members. At least one of the additional members shall be a member of Executive Council’s Joint Standing Committee on Finances for Mission.

ii. Members of the Investment Committee shall be nominated jointly by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council and elected by the Council.

iii. Members shall serve for a term of three years or until a successor has been elected. Members may serve two consecutive terms, after which three years must elapse before the member may be reelected.