Executive Council Joint Standing Committee on Finance


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
McKellar, Canon Andrea Chair 2024 South Carolina, IV
Gee, Mr. Timothy Vice-Chair 2024 El Camino Real, VIII
Kitch, The Rev. Anne E. Vice-Chair 2024 Newark, II
Haight, Mr. Scott Secretary 2024 West Tennessee, IV
Barnes, Mr. N. Kurt Treasurer n/a New York, II
Angulo Zamora, La Rvda. Gina Member 2024 Litoral Ecuador, IX
Downing, The Rev. Patty Member 2024 Delaware, III
Eaton, The Rev. Canon Cornelia Member 2024 Navajoland Area Mission, VIII
Hodges-Copple, The Rt. Rev. Anne Member 2024 North Carolina, IV
Johnson, The Rt. Rev. Deon Member 2024 Missouri, V
Pollard, Ms. Diane Member 2024 New York, II
Ayala Harris, Ms. Julia Ex Officio 2024 Oklahoma, VII
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2024 North Carolina, IV