21 - Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Miles, Ms. Barbara Chair 2018 Washington, III
Lane, The Rt. Rev. Stephen Vice-Chair 2018 Maine, I
Alexandre, The Rev. Hickman Member 2018 Long Island, II
Ballentine, Canon Rosalie Simmonds Member 2018 the Virgin Islands, II
Barker, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Member 2018 Nebraska, VI
Beckwith, The Rt. Rev. Mark Member 2018 Newark, II
Bourlakas, The Rt. Rev. Mark Member 2018 Southwestern Virginia, III
Downing, The Rev. Patty Member 2018 Delaware, III
Duque, The Rt. Rev. Francisco Member 2018 Colombia, IX
Ehmer, The Rev. Cn. Mike Member 2018 Northwest Texas, VII
Fisher, The Rt. Rev. Jeff Member 2018 Texas, VII
Fleener, Jr, Mr. William Member 2018 Western Michigan, V
Floberg, The Rev. John Member 2018 North Dakota, VI
Gee, Mr. Timothy Member 2018 El Camino Real, VIII
Haggenjos, The Very Rev. Clifford Member 2018 Northern California, VIII
Hennessy, Mr. John Member 2018 Maine, I
Huston, Mrs. Kate Member 2018 Oklahoma, VII
Judge, Ms. Tess Member 2018 East Carolina, IV
Kimball, Mr. Thedro Member 2018 Northern Indiana, V
Link, Ms. Alexizendria Member 2018 Western Massachusetts, I
Ray, The Rt. Rev. Rayford Member 2018 Northern Michigan, V
Rickel, The Rt. Rev. Gregory Member 2018 Olympia, VIII
Sanchez, The Rev. Augusto Sandino Member 2018 Dominican Republic, IX
Sanchez, The Rev. Consuelo Member 2018 Honduras, IX
Seidman, The Rev. Kim Member 2018 Colorado, VI
Sloan, The Rt. Rev. John McKee Member 2018 Alabama, IV
Ware, Mr. Jim Member 2018 Lexington, IV
Barlowe, The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Secretary of General Convention 2018 California, VIII
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2018 North Carolina, IV
Jennings, The Rev. Gay Clark Ex Officio 2018 Ohio, V
Wong, The Rev. Peter Dispatch Liaison 2018 Central Gulf Coast, IV
Quittmeyer, Mr. David Representative of the President of the House of Deputies 2018 Central Gulf Coast, IV
Johnson, Ms. Sally Chancellor to the President of the House of Deputies n/a Minnesota, VI
Barnes, Mr. N. Kurt Treasurer 2018 New York, II
Armand, Ms. Eleanore Legislative Aide 2018 Haiti, II
Gregory, Ms. Judith Legislative Aide 2018 Delaware, III
Little, Mr. Thomas Asst. Parliamentarian n/a Vermont, I
Krislock, Mr. Bryan Parliamentarian n/a Olympia, VIII
Glass, Mr. Michael Chair, Review Comm. n/a San Joaquin, VIII