Board of the Archives of the Episcopal Church


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Adams-McCaslin, Ms. Pan Convener 2021 Western North Carolina, IV
Bardol, Ms. Anne Member 2021 Northwestern Pennsylvania, III
Baskerville-Burrows, The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Member 2024 Indianapolis, V
Calloway , Dr. Heather Member 2024 Indianapolis, V
Franklin, The Rt. Rev. R. William Member 2021 Western New York, II
Gerbracht, Dr. Frederick Member 2021 Long Island, II
Hitt II, Prof. Lawrence Member 2024 Colorado, VI
McCoy, The Rev. W. Keith Member 2024 New Jersey, II
Pace, The Rev. Dr. Robert Member 2021 Fort Worth, VII
Porter, Ms. Margaret Member 2024 New Hampshire, I
Rodman, The Rt. Rev. Samuel Member 2021 North Carolina, IV
Wilbert, The Rev. Dr. Brian Kurt Member 2021 Ohio, V
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Duffy, Mr. Mark Ex Officio 2021 Texas, VII
Jennings, The Rev. Gay Clark Ex Officio 2021 Ohio, V