Board of Trustees for the Church Pension Fund


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Brown, The Rt. Rev. Thomas Chair 2021 Maine, I
McCormick, Canon Kathryn Vice-Chair 2024 Mississippi, IV
Prior, The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Vice-Chair 2021 Minnesota, VI
Alexander, Dr. Martha Bedell Member 2021 North Carolina, IV
Bruce, The Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Member 2024 Los Angeles, VIII
Candler, The Very Rev. Samuel G. Member 2024 Atlanta, IV
Daniel, The Rt. Rev. Clifton Member 2024 New York, II
Glover, Dr. Delbert Member 2024 Rhode Island, I
Holguin, The Rt. Rev. Julio Member 2024 Dominican Republic, IX
Kusumoto, Mr. Ryan Member 2024 Hawaii, VIII
Lind, The Very Rev. Tracey Member 2021 Ohio, V
Lindahl, Mr. Kevin Member 2021 Colorado, VI
McPhee, Ms. Sandra Member 2021 Chicago, V
Mitchell, The Rev. Dr. Timothy Member 2021 Kentucky, IV
Niles, Ms. Margaret Member 2021 Olympia, VIII
O'Neal, Ms. Yvonne Member 2024 New York, II
Owayda, Mr. Sleiman (Solomon) Member 2024 Massachusetts, I
Rickel, The Rt. Rev. Gregory Member 2021 Olympia, VIII
Rios, The Rev. Austin K. Member 2024 Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, II
Simmonds Ballentine, Canon Rosalie Member 2024 the Virgin Islands, II
Swan, Ms. Sandra Member 2021 East Carolina, IV
Vickers, Ms. Anne Member 2021 Southwest Florida, IV
Watt, Ms. Linda Member 2024 Western North Carolina, IV
Wilson, The Rev. Canon Sandye Member 2021 Newark, II
Wold, Ms. Mary Kate Member 2021 New York, II