House of Bishops Planning Committee


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Prior, The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Chair 2021 Olympia, VIII
Barker, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Member 2021 Nebraska, VI
Cole, The Rt. Rev. Brian Member 2021 East Tennessee, IV
Goff, The Rt. Rev. Susan Member 2021 Virginia, III
Hayashi, The Rt. Rev. Scott Member 2021 Utah, VIII
Ousley, The Rt. Rev. Todd Member 2021 Eastern Michigan, V
Quezada Mota, The Rt. Rev. Moises Member 2021 Dominican Republic, IX
Ryan, The Rt. Rev. Kathryn Member 2021 Texas, VII
Smylie, The Rt. Rev. John Member 2021 Wyoming, VI
Bruce, The Rt. Rev. Diane Jardine Ex Officio 2021 Los Angeles, VIII
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Gray-Reeves, The Rt. Rev. Mary Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Rowe, The Rt. Rev. Sean Ex Officio 2021 Northwestern Pennsylvania, III
Bailey, Ricardo Chaplain 2021 Atlanta, IV
Davidson, Mr. Dent Chaplain 2021 Los Angeles, VIII
Howell, The Very Rev. Miguelina Chaplain 2021 Connecticut, I