Presiding Bishop's Council of Advice


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Chair 2021 North Carolina, IV
Benfield, The Rt. Rev. Larry Member 2021 Arkansas, VII
Benhase, The Rt. Rev. Scott Member 2021 Georgia, IV
Douglas, The Rt. Rev. Ian Member 2021 Connecticut, I
Duncan-Probe, The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Member 2021 Central New York, II
Hollingsworth, The Rt. Rev. Mark Member 2021 Ohio, V
Klusmeyer, The Rt. Rev. William Member 2021 West Virginia, III
Prior, The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Member 2021 Minnesota, VI
Rickel, The Rt. Rev. Gregory Member 2021 Olympia, VIII
Scantlebury, The Rt. Rev. Victor Member 2021 Central Ecuador, IX
Gray-Reeves, The Rt. Rev. Mary Ex Officio 2021 El Camino Real, VIII
Ousley, The Rt. Rev. Todd Ex Officio 2021 Eastern Michigan, V