Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Fromberg, The Rev. Paul Chair 2021 California, VIII
Johnston, Mrs. Ellen Vice-Chair 2021 Virginia, III
Nelson, Ms. Jessica Secretary 2021 Mississippi, IV
Alexander, Mr. Thomas Member 2021 Arkansas, VII
Baker, The Rev. Stannard Member 2024 Vermont, I
Boney, Dr. Michael Member 2024 Colorado, VI
Burford, Ms. Martha Member 2021 North Carolina, IV
Childers, Canon Mark Member 2024 Rio Grande, VII
DuPree, Ms. Mary Grace Member 2024 Atlanta, IV
Floberg, Mr. Joshua Member 2024 North Dakota, VI
Hino, The Rev. Canon Robert Member 2024 Hawaii, VIII
Lee, The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Member 2021 Chicago, V
Montes, Mr. Ellis Member 2024 Texas, VII
Reyes, The Rev. J. Sierra Member 2024 Colorado, VI
Robert, Mr. John Member 2021 Western Louisiana, VII
Turrell, The Rev. Canon James Member 2021 Bethlehem, III
Waldo, The Rt. Rev. Andrew Member 2024 Upper South Carolina, IV
Whalon, The Rt. Rev. Pierre Member 2024 Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, II
White, The Rt. Rev. Terry Member 2021 Kentucky, IV
Wright, The Rt. Rev. Carl Member 2024 Florida, IV
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Jennings, The Rev. Gay Clark Ex Officio 2021 Ohio, V
Anslow Williams, The Rev. Susan Representative of the President of the House of Deputies 2021 Michigan, V
Logue, The Rev. Canon Frank Liaison of Executive Council 2021 Georgia, IV
Oliver, The Rev. Dr Juan M.C. Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer 2021 Long Island, II