Standing Commission on World Mission


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Gardner, Ms. Martha Chair 2024 Massachusetts, I
Frank, The Rev. Elizabeth Vice-Chair 2024 Ohio, V
Maggiano, The Rev. Grey Secretary 2024 Maryland, III
Badgett, Ms. Emily Member 2021 North Carolina, IV
Burton-Edwards, The Rev. Grace Member 2021 Atlanta, IV
Christian Reynoso, Sra. Grecia Member 2024 Dominican Republic, IX
Conley, Canon Judith Member 2024 Arizona, VIII
Duque, The Rt. Rev. Francisco Member 2021 Colombia, IX
Gates, The Rt. Rev. Alan Member 2024 Massachusetts, I
Gobush, Mr. Matt Member 2021 Virginia, III
Mbele-Mbong, Ms. Helena Member 2021 Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, II
McCann, Dr. Martin Member 2021 Atlanta, IV
McLoughlin, The Rt. Rev. José Member 2024 Western North Carolina, IV
Morales, The Rt. Rev. Rafael Member 2024 Puerto Rico, IX
Quick, The Rev. Judy Member 2021 Alabama, IV
Reovan, Ms. Denise Member 2024 the Virgin Islands, II
Smith, Ms. Angela Member 2024 Western Kansas, VII
Stokes, The Rt. Rev. William Member 2021 New Jersey, II
Tanabe, The Rev. Irene Member 2024 Hawaii, VIII
Tull, Mr. John Member 2024 Florida, IV
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Jennings, The Rev. Gay Clark Ex Officio 2021 Ohio, V
Smith, The Rt. Rev. Dabney Liaison of Executive Council 2021 Southwest Florida, IV