Executive Committee of Executive Council


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Chair 2021 North Carolina, IV
Jennings, The Rev. Gay Clark Vice-Chair 2021 Ohio, V
Ayala Harris, Ms. Julia Member 2021 Oklahoma, VII
Cisluycis, Ms. Jane Member 2021 Northern Michigan, V
Hayashi, The Rt. Rev. Scott Member 2021 Utah, VIII
Lloyd, The Rev. Mally Ewing Member 2021 Massachusetts, I
Sconiers, The Hon. Rose H. Member 2021 Western New York, II
Smith, The Rt. Rev. Dabney Member 2021 Southwest Florida, IV
Barlowe, The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Ex Officio 2021 California, VIII
Barnes, Mr. N. Kurt Ex Officio 2021 New York, II
Smith, Rev. Geoffrey Ex Officio 2021 New Hampshire, I
Conboy, Ms. Marian Staff 2021 Long Island, II