Court of Review for Bishops


2022 - Canon IV.17.8



Sec. 8. The Court of Review for Bishops is hereby established as a court of the Church to have jurisdiction over appeals from Hearing Panels of the Disciplinary Board for Bishops.

a. The Court of Review for Bishops consists of nine members, all of whom must be Bishops. Three Bishops will be elected by the House of Bishops at any regularly scheduled meeting of the House of Bishops, to serve until the adjournment of the third succeeding regular meeting of General Convention and until their successors are elected and qualify; but there shall be no change in the composition of the Court with respect to a particular Respondent following any hearing in the matter and while it is pending unresolved before the Court.

b. The Presiding Bishop must fill any vacancies on the Court of Review for Bishops.

c. From among their number, the members of the Court of Review for Bishops must elect a president.

d. The reasonable and necessary expenses of the Court of Review for Bishops, including fees, costs, disbursements, and expenses of the members, clerks, reporters, and Church Attorneys, will be charged upon the General Convention and paid by the Treasurer of the General Convention upon Order of the president of the Court of Review. The Court of Review for Bishops has the authority to contract for and bind the General Convention to pay these expenses.