Presiding Bishop's Council of Advice


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Chair 2024 North Carolina, IV
Brown, The Rt. Rev. Kevin Member 2024 Delaware, III
Cole, The Rt. Rev. Brian Member 2024 East Tennessee, IV
Duncan-Probe, The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Member 2024 Central New York, II
Fisher, The. Rt. Rev. Douglas Member 2024 Western Massachusetts, I
Gunter, The Rt. Rev. Matthew A. Member 2024 Fond du Lac, V
León Lozano, The Rt. Rev. Cristobal Member 2024 Litoral Ecuador, IX
Lucas, The Rt. Rev. Kimberly Member 2024 Colorado, VI
Owensby, The Rt. Rev. Jake Member 2024 Western Louisiana, VII
Rehberg, The Rt. Rev. Gretchen Member 2024 Spokane, VIII
Bruce, The Rt. Rev. Diane Jardine Ex Officio n/a Los Angeles, VIII
Gray-Reeves, The Rt. Rev. Mary Ex Officio n/a North Carolina, IV
Ousley, The Rt. Rev. Todd Ex Officio n/a Eastern Michigan, V