House of Bishops Committee on Pastoral Development


Name Position Term ends Diocese, Province
Harris, The Rt. Rev. Gayle Chair 2021 Virginia, III
Baskerville-Burrows, The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Member 2021 Indianapolis, V
Beauvoir, The Rt. Rev. Oge Member 2021 Haiti, II
Daniel, The Rt. Rev. Clifton Member 2021 New York, II
Goff, The Rt. Rev. Susan Member 2021 Virginia, III
Hollerith, The Rt. Rev. Herman Member 2021 Southern Virginia, III
Hougland, The Rt. Rev. Whayne Member 2021 Western Michigan, V
Ousley, The Rt. Rev. Todd Member 2021 Eastern Michigan, V
Owensby, The Rt. Rev. Jake Member 2021 Western Louisiana, VII
Provenzano, The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Member 2021 Long Island, II
Wolfe, The Rt. Rev. Dean Member 2021 New York, II
Curry, The Most Rev. Michael Ex Officio 2021 North Carolina, IV
Fisher, The Rev. Betsy SPG Representative 2021 Western Massachusetts, I