The Episcopal Church in the Philippines


A Charter Between The Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP)and the Episcopal Church (TEC) (Amended)


In obedience to the cause of Christ in mission, the Episcopal Church in the  Philippines (ECP) and The Episcopal Church (TEC) celebrate the communion we  share with the Provinces of the Anglican Communion. We rejoice in our common  history and heritage, recommitting ourselves to the principles of interdependence  and unity in Christ. Likewise, we renew our commitment to the apostolic mission of  God as we pray and worship, as we live and proclaim the Gospel, and as we bear  witness to God’s justice, peace, and love within our respective Provinces and  throughout the world.


The Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) and The Episcopal Church (TEC) hereby  renew a common commitment to full companionship in mission as equal, interdependent,  and autonomous partners.  

  • Each partner province will respect the culture and social context in which the 
    other lives and ministers.
  • Each partner province will be to the other a resource for program and mission, by sharing experience and hope, and by collaborating in ministry.
  • Each partner province will respect and consider, as occasions for shared learning, the other’s liturgy, catechism, music and song, governance, mission priorities, theological perspectives, and actions of synodical councils. 


Each partner province will maintain a panel of up to four persons appointed in a manner  consistent with its own internal guidelines, to constitute a Joint Committee on Provincial  Companionship (ECP-TEC). The Joint Committee will:

  • periodically review the Charter to ensure that it accurately reflects the current and 
    evolving vision for the partner province relationship; 
  • develop, monitor, and review an action plan to accompany the charter, establish goals for our common ministry; and
  • meet every 24 months alternatively hosted by each partner province.


This Charter shall become effective for six years when approved by the Synod or the  Executive Council of The Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) and the General  Convention or the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church (TEC), after which it shall  be thoughtfully reviewed and reconsidered. 

Proposed by the Joint Committee on Provincial Companionship (ECP-TEC)  October 26, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii 

The Rt. Rev. Robert Fitzpatrick                     The Rt. Rev. Brent H.W. Alawas   

The Rev. Robert “Moki”Hino                         The Rev. Fr. Constancio Abuggao                   

Dr. Sheryl Kujawa Holbook [absent]               Ms. Bridget B. Lacdao 

The Rev. James Simons [absent]                    Dr. Braille Van B. Reyes 


Date of Action: ECP Executive Council  November 17, 2016 

Date of Action: TEC Executive Council  _____________________ 


Signed this 18th day of February, 2017 at the National Cathedral of St. Mary 
and St. John, Cathedral Heights, Quezon City