Executive Committee of Executive Council


Executive Council By-Laws Article VII Sec. 1


(a) There shall be an Executive Committee of the Council elected at the first meeting of Council each Triennium. (b) The voting members shall consist of the following: i. the Chair; ii. the Vice Chair; iii. five members who are the Chairs of the Joint Standing Committees iv. two members serving the first triennium of their current term, elected at-large by the Council Sec. 2 Other Attendees The Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Executive Director shall attend each meeting of the Executive Committee unless excused by the Chair

Executive Council By-Laws Article VII Sec. 4


(a) The duties of the Executive Committee shall include the following: i. develop the agenda for each meeting of the Council; ii. monitor progress on Council initiatives and resolves; iii. undertake work delegated by the Council; iv. confer and take action on extraordinary matters.